RealTime Transcriptions
The Record in Record Time
The No.1 Transcriptions Service in Africa
RealTime Transcriptions has offered World-Class verbatim typed records (Transcriptions)
primarily to the Legal Industry, but also to any gathering or event that requires such a service.

For 20 years, RealTime Transcriptions has pioneered the art and science of verbatim record
creation in South Africa, with a primary focus on acuracy and efficiency, always utilising the latest
equipment, methods and technologies.

Founded and driven by the very passionate Norman Kagan, RealTime Transcriptions has developed
a solid reputation as the most capable, professional, acurate and speedy Transcription Service
available anywhere on the African Continent.
                                                                                     "Nobody can do what we do and in the time that we do it..."

RealTime Transcriptions' clients include the top Law Firms and Advocates in South Africa, as well
as large Corporations both Government and Private. We provide our service to virtually any kind of
gathering that needs an official typed record of the proceedings, such as Arbitrations, Court Cases,
Inquiries, Disciplinary Hearings, Insolvencies, Conferences, Corporate Meetings, Video
Depositions, etc...
"We cherish our clients and pride ourselves in providing the ultimate service and end-product for their Transcription requirements. We hand over their Transcriptions with the utmost confidence and pride..."